Atmos to launch 6 Space Network satellites into Earth Orbit

Before 2030, Atmos will launch 6 test satellites into Earth orbit for the Atmos Space Network, to test their functionality and capabilities. These multiple satellites will be launched into LEO, or, low-earth-orbit, and will test their ability to communicate with each other and with our ground stations on Earth. We plan on conducting network stress tests on this satellite network and testing its other features. This in preparation for the large-scale development of the Atmos Space Network.

We have not chosen our likely launch provider yet, but given the high reliability and low cost, it would seem ideal that we choose SpaceX, via one of their low-earth-orbit rideshare missions, if we do not develop a vehicle of our own.

These test missions would be largely privately-funded by us and our partners and investors. We hope this mission will be successful, in order to allow for the initiation of the large-scale accelerated development of Spacenet, which ultimately will make internet access solar-system-wide. Spacenet will expand in accordance with the rate of expansions of humanity in the solar system, to ensure all humans remain connected to each other, via the internet.