Exploring the Potential of Dual Headquarters in Korea and Japan

Atmos is considering, in the future, after our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is established, establishing a secondary headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

Currently, Atmos, as per its company plans, will establish its international Earth headquarters in the prosperous megacity of Tokyo. The modernity, futuristic aspects, and efficient aspects of Tokyo coupled with its liveliness make it an extremely exciting place to live and work. Even if you’re not in the city center, you know that you are in a city which has an unparalleled degree of innovation, cleanliness, modernity, and much more.

Seoul, of Korea, is very similar. Both cities (Tokyo and Seoul) have high levels of innovation, as evidenced by their companies which completely dominate their respective industries throughout the whole world. Additionally, they both have distinct cultures which has been key to each of their long-term successes, both have advanced infrastructure unlike most other cities and even countries today, and much more. Both of these places value conformity, hard work, innovation, dedication, and other important similarly-related things which are crucial to their success.

Keep in mind that these are just two cities. One single city in Japan and one single city in Korea. Envision the massive positive transformative outcomes that could arise if these countries joined forces and prioritized deep cooperation, working together to push forward technologically for the benefit of their people. They would accomplish extraordinary undertakings that have never been seen before, especially on such a large scale.

Now that you understand how positively transformative it would be for Japan and Korea to work together for the better of their own people, we will explain how Atmos can and will try to improve their relationship.

Atmos cannot decide one day to directly improve the relationship between the two great countries of Korea and Japan, because it’s pretty much impossible, since that’s not how the world works. But we can take actions to indirectly improve their relationship. Though the strengthening relationship between these two countries might not be apparent initially, it would be over time. This is why Atmos is deeply considering establishing a second headquarters in Seoul, while keeping the primary headquarters in Tokyo. If Atmos is successful in all (or even just some) of its endeavors, it will, without a doubt, likely be the most valuable and biggest company, in almost every way.

With a company as large and as important as Atmos (in the future) dealing with projects heavily regulated by the governments of Korea and Japan, as well as our own fully independent, private, large-scale projects, deep and precise cooperation would be needed between thousands of Korean and Japanese Atmos employees. Their governments would also be involved in cooperating with each other, due to some of our projects which are required to be heavily regulated by both of their governments, with careful coordination needed between them (take our intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor network designed to intercept nuclear warheads, for example).

The mutual relations between these two countries would experience a substantial boost in terms of international affairs. If you don’t believe a single company can make such a big difference, you can have a look at the multinational company named Samsung, which accounts for more than 20% of South Korea’s GDP, as of May 2023: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/tech/2023/05/129_338020.html

As the people (Atmos employees) and governments of Korea and Japan further cooperate and coordinate with each other due to the developments of Atmos, we expect, or, at least hope, that their relationship will continuously improve over time so that they can eventually work together on a much deeper level, as we see a closely-collaborative Japan and Korea as a major positive force, not just in the region, but in the whole world.

This is the reason we are seeking the possibility of classifying our already-planned Seoul center as our secondary headquarters, to make Atmos a company with dual headquarters, with all of the high-level decisions and functions of the company are coordinated in these headquarters.