The Atmos Vision

Colonizing the universe and living in space is something humanity needs to do, and we need to do it as soon as possible, because we don’t know what will happen if we wait too long. The possibilities are endless. This includes a nuclear World War 3 (where everybody dies), natural disasters, or other catastrophes. If any of these things happen, humanity could become totally extinct. Just another lonely civilization in the cosmos that had an unimaginable amount of potential, but found a way to kill itself before they became an interstellar species.

Imagine a universe where the human race is decentralized, where humanity has no single point of failure, where humanity is thriving in space, where we are living among the stars, exploring the deep universe. There’s nothing more inspiring than that. Just take a moment to think about it. You, traveling through space in your spacecraft looking out through the massive transparent windows seeing nebulae, galaxies, exoplanets, and other types of celestial bodies, freely making their journey through the ever-growing universe. If you can, and, assuming you are currently on Earth, go outside your house when it is night time, and look up at the night sky. You see all of these twinkling dots above. Each of these dots is home to many planets similar to ours. Humanity could be inhabiting every single one of these dots, unlocking endless possibilities. That’s an inspirational future.

Now, lets imagine a world where we, humanity, are forever confined to our home planet, Earth. Even if climate change, overpopulation, high air pollution, a crazy-powerful meteor impact, a supervolcanic eruption, or a nuclear war, all were to never occur, Earth would still be inevitably consumed by the constantly-expanding Sun (our star) within the next few billion years. A window of opportunity has only recently opened up, allowing us to begin colonizing the universe, starting with Mars. We don’t know when that window will close. We should not assume that this window of opportunity for humanity to expand across the galaxy will be open for long, because if we’re wrong, we could end up extinct. So, do you want humanity to remain living on a ticking time bomb (Earth) and eventually die out, or do you want humanity to become an intergalactic species where we will live forever?

Consciousness, based on our current knowledge, is a very rare thing, and we must do everything we possibly can to preserve it. Colonizing Mars is just the first step. Humanity will keep pushing forward and will hopefully be outside of the Milky Way Galaxy in under 3 billion years time. With your help, we can advance even faster as a species and expand further out into the universe. We urge you to pursue a career in STEM, because that’s how you can directly help to advance humanity, so that we can enjoy a bright future among the stars.

Additionally, in order to have any good chance at seriously exploring and occupying the cosmos, humanity needs to stop screwing around so much and unite as one, and forget about huge distractions such as money and nations. Without a unifying purpose, humanity will battle itself until it’s dead. Our unifying purpose should be exploring and occupying the cosmos. It may even suffice to allow nations to keep their individual sovereignty as long as they promise to have forever peaceful and close relations with other nations, and promise to not solve conflicts through acts of violence. Will you help us reach this exciting future where we are a spacefaring civilization living among the stars? I hope you’ll at least consider it.

But this is just the first step. Everything you just read above, is only the first step for humanity, out of potentially octillions of steps. Really. Atmos has a saying, which is: “On humanity’s journey to base reality.” The goal was always to be free. Evil never wins in the long-run. From physical enslavement of members of humanity in the past to mental enslavement of members of humanity in the present, the goal is and will always be to be free. Enslavement, whether it’s physical as seen in the past or mental as seen in the present, is potentially the most immoral thing one can impose on another. Humanity (according to leading theories in quantum cosmology) is currently living in a very watered-down version of reality. That means we’re living in a solar system, inside of a galaxy, inside of a universe, inside of a multiverse, inside of a megaverse, inside of an omniverse. We are absolutely nothing, just little particles significantly smaller than 0.00000001% the size of a grain of sand, on a massive beach. The, or, a primary goal is for humanity to be free, meaning, the goal is to reach the omniverse, which is what base reality (theoretically) is.

The one piece of advice we have if you want to remain free from a mental standpoint, is to question everything and really be objective. You will need to think about ideas that you don’t like. But, in our opinion, it’s better to live a life with some temporary sadness in pursuit of truth, instead of living a life forever happy while unknowingly believing in a lie because.

Atmos will act as a catalyst to get humanity to the stars, on the ultimate goal and journey of becoming free, reaching the omniverse. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a video game, this is reality, and reality is beautiful with all its challenges. But, this isn’t reality, at least, not on the omniversal scale. If you want to see the truth and directly help humanity reach base reality (even you’re not helping by much), it’s essential for you to study a STEM field, as that directly contributes to the advancement of humanity. Humanity helped you, please help humanity back, even if it means helping indirectly, via arts (music, etc).

Beyond our long-term goal of placing humanity on an accelerated journey to base reality, we envision a better present world for humanity:

  • Elimination of the risk of human extinction
  • Development of modern cities across humanity’s worlds (currently only Earth)
  • Modernization of existing cities and infrastructure
  • Initiation of the beginning of a human-led galactic union
  • Modernization of humanity’s economic systems (primarily banking)
  • Unparalleled positively-transformational discoveries in scientific research
  • Resolve physical aging of humans to some degree
  • Eradicate all human disease and illness

We hope you can help us in reaching our ambitious vision. Even if you do not want to help Atmos itself in reaching this vision, we would be very happy to see you help humanity reach such an amazing future in any way you can help. It’s not about us, it’s about humanity. Though our vision may sound insanely unrealistic, we should remind you of the following quote.

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.

Albert Einstein