Press Release on Proposed Atmos Higher Education Institution

Atmos is aspiring to create the most prestigious physics higher education institution in the world, to teach students of the world the absolute fundamentals of reality. This will be called the Institute of Fundamentals (or, for short, AIF, the abbreviated form of Atmos Institute of Fundamentals). You can learn more about AIF on its respective Atmos page, seen here. Below we will cover important aspects of AIF and key distinctions between it and other institutions worldwide.

  • Smashing the idea of dormitories.

Standard long-existing dormitories are simply not a place you would truly want to reside in during your multi-year studies at a university. Issues range from extreme lack of privacy in multiple aspects to loud disruptive noises, to extreme uncleanliness, to physical danger, drugs, alcohol, and more. We will lay out how we will address these (and more) concerns below.

Firstly, on the topic of lack of privacy, university dormitories often have shared bathrooms. For obvious reasons, this can be a significant privacy concern. Atmos educational institutions do not have such traditional old dormitories. Each student receives the equivalent of a standard full hotel room. Except, unlike the appearance of usual university dormitories or hotels, these rooms (and the buildings along with every other relevant aspect) would be of highly modern, efficient, and futuristic design. This ranges from actual visuals to efficiency from an engineering perspective, and more.

This on-campus residence would be in the form of a skyscraper and would house strictly only university staff as well as students. No random outsiders are permitted entry, and if they attempt to do so, they will be stopped by the building’s many security officers, and may be apprehended by authorities if the circumstances require it. Offenders can also be spotted and tracked with sensors and AI-powered cameras. People who are visiting a student or university staff must be authorized to enter. This can be done by the student (or the given university staff member), as they can issue them a temporary digital entry key (assuming they are not banned from the university grounds) with a validity of 48 hours.

Multi-factor authentication via smartphone is required for students to enter and exit this building at any time, to maximize security.

All recreational drugs, regardless of their legality in the region, will be strictly banned from campus grounds. This ban also applies to alcohol, unless it is in your room. Further rules will be outlined in the future, but if any major rules are broken, you will be banned from our university grounds with little to no chance of the ban being lifted inside of the duration of it.

  • Bringing Modernity, Futurism, and Excitement to education

We believe the overwhelming majority of educational institutions in existence today, worldwide, are terribly outdated and old, in terms of visual appearance, engineering design methods, overall building efficiency, and much more.

Atmos ends that trend, with its university. All Atmos university buildings will be of highly-modern architecture centered around futurism. It will feature things that have never been seen before. Though this is just one of Atmos’ many projects, this alone will shake the education industry. Atmos’ educational institution will make students excited not just about the future, but about the present. The difficulty of learning difficult mathematical concepts in class everyday will seem significantly more enjoyable given that it is taking place in an environment that is centered around prosperity, excitement, modernity, futurism, and more.

  • Fully International

Atmos’ educational institutions are not based solely in any single country. Though the final decisions will occur at Atmos’ international headquarters, the Institute of Fundamentals has grounds across the world. This includes (primarily) China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. The United States would also be included, as well as Canada, though, for various reasons, the campuses there may be smaller and would feature less technologies and modernity. Atmos aspires to eventually expand AIF to other countries including Australia, countries in Africa, and ultimately one of the first futurism-centered universities on the surface of the Moon and Mars, through Atmos’ Space Exploration Program.

The list above only outlines some core aspects of AIF. More information will be published at a later date. There is currently no planned launch date for AIF as it is currently primarily in the “vision” status, but we estimate further significant developments to occur within the next 4 years.

We take questions at moc.u1719000670somta1719000670@olle1719000670h1719000670 and are happy to reply.