Press Release on Proposed Electronics Division of Atmos

We are envisioning an electronics division of Atmos that would create and offer the world’s most modern and futurism-centered consumer electronics in the world. This includes smartphones, laptops, workstation necessities, and more. Prioritization will be placed on user data privacy and security, but also efficiency and visual appearance of our products.

Make everything a work of art — because if it looks like crap and doesn’t work, you’ve got nothing. But if it looks great, at least it looks great.

Peter Beck, Founder & CEO of Rocket Lab

The name of Atmos Electronics can be shortened to ㅐ. This is the romanized version of the “ae” vowel of Hangul, the writing system of the Korean language. We chose ㅐbecause it is romanized to “AE” which can stand for “Atmos Electronics”. We decided to use Hangul, to pay tribute to Samsung, the at-present overall best phone manufacturer and designer in the world, currently based in and originating from Korea. Samsung provided inspiration to us and made us aware of many currently-existing issues in this industry.

You can find the relevant Atmos Electronics page on our website by clicking here. At present, there is no officially set goal for Atmos Electronics in terms of any timelines, as we are still exploring options, and what the right thing to do is.

We are looking into the potentiality of, rather than completely manufacturing our own smartphones from scratch, working directly with Samsung, as this has many advantages not just for us but for any customers of Atmos or Samsung. Major updates regarding the status of Atmos Electronics will continue to be presented here on our website to you, including formal partnerships, developments within the division, and more.