Press Release on Tao Omega Project

The sad reality is that the majority of cities which exist across all of the regions of Earth are painfully outdated. For example, just have a quick look at Paris on Google, in the image section. You’ll find yourself looking at a heavily outdated cluster of horrible-looking buildings, for the most part. The same goes for Madrid in Spain, Istanbul in Turkey, the vast majority of cities in the US, Russia, Indonesia, and every other country. Even the capital of the United States, the country that most people consider to be the most powerful one, looks severely outdated in virtually every aspect. It’s just embarrassing.

Fortunately, various countries such as Japan and China possess and are maintaining modern cities. However, 3 or 4 Earth nations is simply not enough. The whole world needs to be participating in this effort to build and maintain modern up-to-date cities, so we don’t end up living in the 1900s forever. I don’t know about you, but knowing what we’re capable of in the 21st century, I wouldn’t want to be living in ancient Rome forever. I know that we’re so much more capable than we currently seem, and I don’t want to be living in the same old and outdated time period forever, because I know we, humanity, can do so much more.

Now, just for a minute, let’s forget about this ancient Rome stuff. Try to imagine a world where every city you can think of across the solar system) is utilizing advanced modern-day technologies, is actually visually appealing, is efficient, and allows for fast transportation. That’s a future that we should all aspire to live in, because why would you want to live in a future full of highly outdated and inefficient cities knowing we are capable of transforming them into highly efficient, visually appealing, up-to-date cities?

We’ve had so much time to start creating modern cities across the globe, and across the solar system, but it has not happened. It’s been about 55 years since we first landed a human on another world – the Moon, yet humanity has still not made much progress in terms of modern city development, compared to how much progress we could have made. If you asked someone in July of 1969, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, about how the year 2023 might look, there’s a near-certain chance that they would have said “many big cities on the moon, flying cars (or something similar), a futuristic sci-fi looking Earth, robots controlling all stores” and more.

The average person likely would have predicted those things, yet we don’t even have a single one of them. That needs to change, and Omega works to make all of those predictions a reality.

Omega will start by launching futurization campaigns in various major cities across the world, while absolutely ensuring that cultural influence is not only maintained, but is strengthened. Omega may also purchase land in the future, in various regions across the world, in an effort to develop its own futurized cities. Stay tuned on the Tao Website.

See the Omega Page on Tao here.