Expansion of AIF to all disciplines

The planned Atmos Institute of Fundamentals has undergone changes. Unlike previously planned, this educational institution will expand beyond the teachings of physics, and will offer all standard college majors. The institution will also be renamed to Atmos University. The university is centered around futurism, modernity, extreme discipline, and more. You can find the Atmos webpage of Atmos University by clicking here.

The initial logo of Atmos University can be displayed below.

The symbol on the left is notably an atom. The company name Atmos can be rearranged to “Atoms”. The atom also represents some of the most fundamental aspects of spacetime and all of reality (other than Quarks and Leptons). This symbolizes Atmos University’s emphasis on logical reasoning and fundamental truths in decision making and critical thinking. We emphasize the importance of not going through life making blind decisions like everyone else.

A formal independent web presence of Atmos University itself will be released in the near future, providing more information on the status of the university, its future, its goals, and more. We hope you will keep up to date with Atmos’ newest developments here on our website in our updates section. Have a nice day.