Changes to Atmos Projects and Divisions

Atmos will begin a series of changes to itself, its projects, and its divisions, to make all aspects of the company simpler and more minimal. This includes project and division names, designs, technical details, and more. Minimalism is heavily associated with modernity, and, if you didn’t notice, Atmos likes modernity.

The first change was the renaming of our Megalopolis Project, which is focused on the modernization and futurization of existing cities and development of new privately-operated modern cities, to Omega. The name Omega comes from the original name, “Megalopolis”. As you can obviously tell, they share the “mega” part. Omega ω also refers to angular frequency in electromagnetism and engineering. You may ask why this is directly related to the city development project. Well, it’s not, but it sounds better and it’s shorter.

We have renamed the biology-focused division of Atmos, formerly known as Atmos Biologics, to “Atmos Biology.” The primary goal of Atmos Biology is to prevent both fatal and nonfatal human illnesses from being contracted. This renaming was implemented to prevent confusion with a different definition of the term “Biologics,” which the Arthritis Foundation describes as “large molecules produced in living cells.”

Additionally, we have also renamed the “Institute of Fundamentals,” our vision of a future Atmos-founded physics-centered university, to “Atmos University.” This change was made to create a simpler and more straightforward representation of our institution, which goes back to minimalism.

We will be consolidating our Daedalus project, which aims to enable the fastest means of point-to-point transportation on Mars when cities are established there in the future, into a new division of Atmos called Atmos Transit, which will contain the original Daedalus project as well as Earth and interplanetary-based transportation systems and services.

Atmos is a one-man company at the time of me typing this. More major changes are to come in the future, and many of these changes will be covered in our Taipei 2024 presentation. Thank you for reading this update, and stay tuned for what’s to come.