Late July Changes to Atmos Education

Atmos Education now comprises two main divisions: X Foundations Institute and X Research University. The X Foundations Institute follows a curriculum comparable to K-12 in the US but adopts a more international approach by integrating the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program, and the Diploma Program. This approach emphasizes the multifaceted development of students, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and other essential skills, rather than solely focusing on imparting factual knowledge as more commonly observed in the US curriculum.

The name “X Foundations Institute” aptly represents its dedication to preparing students for their future, equipping them not only for academic success but also for life and university readiness. During these critical years (comparable to K-12), the institute focuses on building solid educational and personal foundations to ensure students’ well-rounded growth and success beyond the classroom.

Both X Foundations Institute and X Research University share the letter X, which can mean anything you want it to mean. X represents anything and everything, which is why this letter was chosen for our educational institutions.

X Research University is an international higher education institution that is research-oriented. The atmosphere of XRU consists of modernity, futurism, cultural influence, and enthusiasm. Its many future significant research findings are published publicly for the world to benefit from.

More information is to come in the future. For the time being, you can learn more about the Atmos Education division on its respective page on our website, by clicking here.