Tao 2024 Presentation

Starting in 2024, Tao will begin to host public annual presentations regarding the company’s progress and accomplishments, its set goals, and other important information. The 2024 presentation is scheduled for July 11th, 2024, and is set to take place in the city of Hong Kong.

Before you continue, please be aware that Tao is a developing company and, at the time of writing, has not yet initiated official operations for its projects and company divisions. Our projects are still in the very early stages of development. While we have established our Miami office, we are yet to establish any other of our planned international offices. The primary objective of this first public annual presentation is to introduce and showcase our ambitious plans to the world.

The livestream will be available live on our YouTube page and our Twitter, as well as the Tao website. You can find the related links below to watch the respective livestreams. The YouTube stream will be prioritized.

We encourage you to share the news about Tao 2024, by sharing the TaoHongKong.com link.

In this first publicized company presentation, Tao will, as mentioned, present to the public its goals, projects, and motives, how we will achieve our goals, where we will achieve them, and why we will achieve them. We will go into some amount of depth for each of our projects and programs and explain them and their purpose. We will provide a timeline for the development of Tao and its projects, and we (I) will introduce the Chief Executive of Tao (myself).

Questions that we anticipate will be asked will be answered in this presentation. In the event that a board of directors has been formed before this meeting takes place, a standard closed-door meeting between the Board and the Chief Executive Officer would take place prior to the public presentation.

We look forward to the commencement of Tao 2024 in Hong Kong. Thanks for reading.