Bringing Back Good Times for Humanity

For an extended period, global prosperity has consistently fallen short of our potential. Humanity grapples with a lack of enthusiasm, modernity, happiness, optimism, hope, and innovation. The world is marked by significant political divisions, and the daily routines of many individuals revolve around spending eight hours in an office cubicle, leaving minimal time for happiness upon returning home. People often find themselves preoccupied with minor, localized concerns such as minor medical issues or deciding what to eat for lunch, rather than directing their attention towards real issues and advancing the world, which ultimately benefits both themselves and the rest of our species.

In the average city around the world, one wakes up to witness a lack of progress, outdated infrastructure, and technology.

At the average university, the environment is often subpar, and the educational techniques are exceedingly outdated, inefficient, boring, and largely useless, creating a sense of monotony and despair.

Inquiring at the average center for cancer research about a cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s reveals a lack of innovation and genuine effort. The prolonged duration of their research without significant breakthroughs poses a significant problem that urgently needs addressing.

Asking the United Nations about their efforts to stop wars and human deaths in recent times reveals a lack of substantial action, with formal public statements having little to no impact.

A few minutes of research into humanity’s progress in space reveals that we haven’t even left our tiny planet yet, to colonize other celestial bodies and regions of space.

Tao is working to address these painful truths by transforming them into laughable facts of the past. Through our various company branches, our goal is to maximize prosperity for humanity globally, ushering in a new era of positive change. You might be familiar with the saying, “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” While this saying has proven true in many aspects and regions of the world, we aspire to break this cycle by creating enduring good times that are marked by heightened enthusiasm and happiness. Our aim is not only to uplift people presently but also to preserve their multifaceted strength, with a particular emphasis on intellectual strength. In a hypothetical scenario where an unintelligent, unwise, uneducated, yet physically strong individual faces off against a highly intelligent, wise, educated person with average physical strength, chances are the more intelligent one would emerge victorious.

We extend an invitation for you to stay engaged with our journey as we endeavor to make the world a better place.