A step closer to an exciting future: Our new company name

As of January 30th, 2023, our company is now known as Sol. This name was chosen for a variety of reasons, of which are displayed below.

Sol, the new name of our company, is pronounced like “soul” in English.

A sol refers to a martian day. On Earth, we consider 24 hours to be 1 “day”. However, on Mars, one solar day (one rotation of the planet) is 24 hours and 37 minutes long. This is called one Sol. Therefore, in our case, the word Sol refers to the great ambition of humankind to one day colonize and terraform the planet of Mars, and eventually reach the stars and beyond. It also makes reference to a phrase commonly used in the context of Mars, which is “Ad Astra per Aspera”, meaning “To the stars through difficulties” in Latin.

Sol is also derived from meanings in Korean and Chinese. In Korean, 솔 (Sol) refers to a pine tree, which traditionally, in Korean culture refers to mystical entities that bridge the earth and the skies. The pine tree in Korean culture also represents longevity, virtue, honor, strength and/or wisdom.

In the Chinese cultural context, the character Su (苏) is imbued with profound meanings related to revival and rejuvenation. Composed of the radicals for “grass” and “field,” Su symbolizes the resilience of life, bouncing back from challenges, and continual growth. It signifies not only physical revival but also intellectual, spiritual, and cultural awakening. Su encapsulates the ideals of adaptability, self-improvement, and a perpetual pursuit of betterment, making it a potent symbol that resonates with the enduring aspirations for renewal in various aspects of life.

In conclusion, our new company name “Sol” refers to:

  • Humanity’s ambition to occupy Mars
  • Persisting through difficulties to eventually reach the stars
  • Continous Progress and Advancement
  • A mystical entity that bridges Earth and the skies
  • Longevity, Virtue, Honor, Strength, and Wisdom
  • Revitalization and Awakening

We find this name to be more fit for our company’s long-term goals and we hope you feel the same way.

Additionally, our new domain name, “SolMNC.com”, stands for “Sol Multinational Company” which reflects our ambitions to increase prosperity worldwide rather than in just one select region or country.

Feedback is welcomed at moc.c1719000650nmlos1719000650@olle1719000650h1719000650