Collaboration With Other Companies

What Sol aims to accomplish cannot be accomplished alone, or, at least not efficiently or ideally. This is why we are aiming on collaborating with various companies, organizations, agencies, and more, worldwide, to maximize the overall prosperity of the world together. We will not be collaboarting with those who seek to bring humanity down, even if we are offered lots of money and/or resources. We stay true to our values and will never sell out to an entity with negative ambitions.

Types of entities we aim on collaborating with include:

  • Technology Companies (AI, Electronics, Manufacturers, etc)
  • Architecture Companies/Firms
  • Spaceflight and Space Exploration-centered organizations/companies/agencies
  • Universities and other research institutions
  • More

However, we will ensure that our partnerships do not negatively affect our ability to innovate and create better services and solutions for humankind. If you are interested in collaboration, please email us at moc.c1719003174nmlos1719003174@olle1719003174h1719003174 where we will reply within a week.

Thanks for reading!