Sol will seek initial funding in 2024

The year of 2024 has just begin almost a month ago at this point, and Sol has big plans for this year. As Sol maintains its plains to establish its headquarters in the Asia Pacific region this year, we are seeking our first funding package. What Sol aims to accomplish requires truly immense amounts of money. A large amount of this money will be, if our plans go well, attained via corporate partnerships that are formed to ultimately benefit the people of the world.

Our first funding package will be announced when it is confirmed, as this will be one of Sol’s most historic moments – receiving the fuel needed to prepare to lift off of the launchpad and ultimately reach the stars. That’s a metaphor, but it also isn’t, because our space exploration division, which some of the funding will be assigned to, aims on developing the most advanced spaceflight technologies in an effort to expand humanity’s presence and prosperity throughout the universe, and eventually beyond, to the multiverse (yes, it likely really does exist).

We look forward to and are excited to positively transform the world for the better.

Thanks for reading. Inquiries are welcomed at moc.c1719003385nmlos1719003385@olle1719003385h1719003385