Sol’s Plan to Defend The Human Race In Space

Humankind is without a doubt extremely fragile. We, to the best of our knowledge, are the only form of conscious, sentient biological beings in the galaxy that are advanced enough to expand beyond their own planet. Right now, our species lives only on one planet – Earth. When you picture the trillions of planets, star systems, galaxies, and even universes in your head, and think about the one-planet civilization that is humanity, you can easily come to the conclusion that we are extremely fragile as just one (or a series of) events can completely wipe out our species forever.

This obviously brings about the need for our species to immediately make its best efforts to expand beyond our current planet, and eventually our current star system. However, in doing so, we must remain aware of the foreign threats that exist and pose a great risk to our species. Some examples include coronal mass ejections from stars (the Sun in this case), which can completely cripple all of our present-day infrastructure in the blink of an eye, asteroid impacts which can wipe out the majority of our species just as they wiped out the dinosaurs, and much more.

We are already planning to do our part to expand humanity beyond Earth and ultimately beyond our solar system. However, for the reasons mentioned, we have also decided that it would be extremely important for humanity to have a unified defense force that protects humanity and other Earth-native species from any outside threats. Such a defense system would naturally not have any capability of harming other humans – it is designed solely to protect our species. It also would not be a military force – there are no offensive capabilities – it is simply called a defense force because that is what it is: a system created to defend humans from any outside threats.

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Some may ask what is the difference between this and the newly-established US Space Force? To put it simply, the US Space Force is a military force, part of the US Armed Forces, and therefore, is limited to protecting the US and its allies. Naturally, the US Space Force cannot and will not protect all of humanity in the long-term, as its primary focus is the protection of US interests in space. However, SSDF (Sol Space Defense Force) was created by Sol, is not under government control, and is focused on the collective protection of all of mankind. This is outside of the US Space Force’s capabilities.

To put it simply, the Sol Space Defense Force simply does everything in its power to thwart anything that poses a significant risk to humanity. That includes asteroids, coronal mass ejections from the sun, and more.

We hope to work with companies, organizations, and agencies internationally to achieve our goal of establishing a space-based defense force against foreign threats to ensure the long-term preservation, protection, and continued prosperity of the human race. After all, there is no species like humanity, and there is nothing capable of producing as many beautiful things as our race has and will.