The Current State of Sol Funding and Development

Sol was originally founded in August of 2022, under the name Atmos. The earliest web archive of Atmos’ website can be viewed here:

Since then, many developments have taken place within the company. We have renamed to Sol and we have organized and made more clear our goals and ambitions. However, at this time, Sol still does not have any significant funding.

This is an unprofessional blog post, yes. I’m sorry if you are sad about that, but I don’t feel like writing a bunch of corporate-style nonsense this time.

Sol’s infrastructure for its website and other servers is paid for entirely out of pocket by the Owner of Sol, which is me, the one writing this post. Sol is a one-manned company right now, so I wrote all of the content on its website, sub-websites (for Sol’s divisions), and did pretty much everything else as well. My brain starts to semi-implode after about a few weeks of constantly working on Sol and doing all the thinking for its future.

Because of my limited time at present, some webpages of Sol may be outdated and inconsistent with other pages across Sol’s websites. I’ll fix these things eventually, but they’re not exactly a priority right now. Sol has been reaching out to some companies and organizations internationally with the interest of partnering to promote things such as spaceflight advocacy, for humankind’s long-term survival.

Sol doesn’t need any serious funding yet, as I’m not yet ready to formally launch Sol’s plans/operations. When everything is ready and in order, we will formally seek funding. But for now, no funding, just planning and thinking about the best way(s) to accomplish our goals.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading.