Advancement with a Purpose Beyond Profit

Sol operates through various divisions, each with a distinct purpose. For instance, our Infrastructure division focuses on advancing infrastructure worldwide, including building advanced, culturally influenced cities, and modern transit systems worldwide. Similarly, our space division is dedicated to advancing humanity’s capabilities in outer space to ensure our long-term survival.

Unlike typical profit-driven companies, Sol divisions prioritize industry advancement over immediate financial gains. The goal isn’t to make money but to make meaningful progress in their respective fields. This philosophy embodies Sol’s commitment to philanthropy. Our company, by definition, is philanthropy. We have no fundamental intention of operating to profit or make money, but it’s necessary for us to stay alive as a company.

Take Sol Infrastructure, for example. Its mission is to improve global infrastructure, regardless of financial returns in the short term. While profitability is important for sustainability (due to how the world’s economy works), the primary focus remains on advancing infrastructure internationally, in this case. Sol will address the financial aspect when necessary to ensure continued operation and positive impact on our species.

We are registered as an LLC because it gives us the most freedom and safety, unlike a nonprofit organizational structure which imposes numerous limitations and restrictions that may negatively affect us.

What truly matters surpasses mere financial figures or bank balances; it’s the enduring prosperity and preservation of humanity. No amount in your bank account can bring comfort if our species faces extinction or a decline in numerous aspects. We are driven by a purpose far greater than a number in a bank account could ever inspire.