Why isn’t the world as exciting as Epcot?

Recently I went to Epcot in Florida’s Disney World. What was most notable to me was the history of technology in the Spaceship Earth ride; specifically, the parts showing the history of IBM and Apple, since I’m a tech person. The ride showed me the levels of prosperity that humanity was capable of reaching. Humankind had to invent a new kind of language to land on the moon: computer language. I saw all the servers with spinning disks on the ride, with lights flashing all over them (I assume those lights were triggered whenever the disk utlization was above 0%). Then I saw the moon landing, Steve Jobs creating Apple, and more.

After this ride, I went on another called Journey into Imagination with Figment. The soundtrack (“One Little Spark”) may sound silly (and the character may also look it), but it has a very important message behind it. You can listen to it below:

“One Little Spark” by Disney

Figment’s message is all about embracing your imagination and believing in endless possibilities. He encourages letting your imagination run wild, suggesting that it’s at its best when it’s set free.

After going on Spaceship Earth, seeing humanity’s insane and exponential technological progress, and then going on this ride and hearing Figment’s words, I’m reminded of what humanity is capable of if we follow Figment’s advice. Everyone should let their imagination run wild and believe in endless possibilities. Words can not state how much humanity lacks this today. If we listen to Figment, use our imagination, and believe in endless possibilities, we can achieve a level of prosperity so great that no other period in human history could even come close.

To answer why the world can’t be as exciting and prosperous as Epcot: it can be, it’s a matter of choice. By embracing imagination and believing in the future, as Figment suggests, we can achieve unparalleled progress, in technology and beyond. Staying on our current path might bring some advancements, but it would significantly limit our species’ prosperity, happiness, and technological development. Using our imagination deeply would unlock far greater potential.

You can think of Sol as being centered around Figment’s philosophy. We are trying to maximize prosperity, worldwide, on every front! Unleash your imagination and let it run free!