Development of International Spaceports

Sol created its space exploration division (Sol Space) in an effort to increase development and advancement in the general space industry (exploration, transportation, infrastructure development, etc). Most recently, we published a page on our Space divisional website to briefly detail our plans of developing an interplanetary-class human space transport vehicle, called Astrum. We have also detailed our plans to create a Moon colonization program, where humans will maintain a long-term, permanent, and meaningful presence on the Lunar surface and in Lunar orbit, making use of Astrum. We called this program Moonshot, and it is comparable to NASA’s Artemis Program.

However, this, as you likely know, cannot be accomplished without first developing the necessary infrastructure here on Earth for launching and landing the involved space transport vehicles. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are leased launchpads by NASA, however, because we, in the long-term, cannot be confined to working with the designs of NASA’s, we have no choice but to eventually develop our own launch and landing infrastructure for our spacecraft.

Additionally, unlike other companies in the space industry, we do not want to be confined to a single country for our operations. Legal restrictions often limit aerospace companies from expanding internationally. However, we are determined to overcome these challenges. Our goal is to develop infrastructure worldwide for space transport, providing all of humanity access to advanced spaceflight technologies for our species’ long-term protection and eventual expansion beyond Earth.

We call this international infrastructure “Spaceports for Humanity” since that is exactly what it is – international spaceports created for humanity’s benefit. You can learn more about this on the respective page of Sol Space. We hope you will support us in our fundamental goal of maximizing prosperity for mankind on every major front.