Miami, united states

Discover more about Miami, the city with the highest GDP in Florida. Miami features modern architecture, providing a sense of active development, and much more.

Miami on the World Map

The international trade hub of the southeastern US, Miami, is a very lively business-oriented city. It is sometimes called the “Capital of Latin America”. The general location can be seen below.

United States of America,

Tao Corporation established its permanent corporate office in Miami to leverage the city’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and access to a vibrant investor community. Miami’s dynamic startup scene and availability of venture capital provide valuable growth opportunities for Tao. Additionally, the city’s renowned universities and colleges offer a skilled talent pool and resources for research and innovation, supporting Tao’s ongoing development and expansion efforts.

Tao, from January 2023, maintains a temporary private physical presence in the Miami Metropolitan Area, with limited operability.

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