Our LLC based in the US

In order to legally operate and conduct business and company activites within the legal jurisdiction of the United States, we are required to form a company within the US.

For legal concerns related to our US legal presence, please send an email to moc.c1718997577nmlos1718997577@olle1718997577h1718997577

Photo of NYC Skyline by Rohit Tandon
Photo from New York City, taken by Florian Wehde

Boundaries of US Jurisdiction

The role of Sol’s US legal entity (LLC) is to do business and conduct company operations within US jurisdiction. What is considered to be US jurisdiction is outlined below.

US Law and Jurisdiction Only Applies to our US Division

In simple terms, the laws of the United States only affect us when we are within the country’s borders. The organization Sol is international, with different parts (usually LLCs) in various countries. When it comes to legal matters, the rules of the United States don’t apply to our entities outside the country. Just imagine our U.S. LLC as a small piece of the larger Sol organization that operates globally.

Presence in all 50 states

As of the time of writing this, Sol’s available funds are exceedingly limited. The cost of forming some type of LLC (often a foreign LLC) in all 50 states of the US is costly and unnecessary for us at this time.