creating the most ideal university

Introducing Sol University

Sol University is the primary institution of Sol for academic research and education, R&D efforts, and much more.

Creating a new era of advanced universities for your benefit.

In Line with Sol’s Vision

Currently in the Vision Stage of Development, these images are in line with what Sol will create.

Universities that claim to be the best should prove it. That means having the most advanced research and education, up-to-date architecture, futuristic campuses worldwide, and more.

Contrary to our Vision

Harvard is outdated, and its appearance reflects that. The “most advanced university” shouldn’t look like the 1800s.

For a top university in the world, this is heavily outdated, giving only a sense of stagnation, lifelessness, lack of progress, and more. Harvard is stuck in the past in many ways.

Visuals Reflect Advancement

We believe that the appearance and the overall feel of the world’s universities should reflect their advancement. Universities that have made some of the most significant breakthroughs in the world are expected to look like so.

Interdisciplinary Efforts

To make unprecedented breakthroughs, interdisciplinary collaboration is needed. For example, in order to solve high-level concepts related to the universe, collaboration between mathematicians & physicists is vital.